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(Port) Wine of the month July 2016: Fonseca Vintage Port 1963

A case tasting is an academic tasting where you have some bottles from the same cask, same bottler and - in the best of all cases - ageing in the same cellar to exclude as many potential influences on the taste of the Port as possible. Normally these tastings are executed with some younger Ports, but this time we had the unique chance to open six bottles of the Fonseca Vintage Port 1963 side by side from the same cask, bottler and cellar.

The best bottles showed an incredible youth. Dark red, transparend colour with a noticeable rim. Fresh, complex bouquet with chocolate, raisins and some honey in the back. This Port shows spectacular on the palate. With multi-layered residual red-berry fruit, first hints of malt and chocolate. Long and complex on the aftertaste. One for the ages. 19