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(Port) Wine of the month August 2016: Late Bottled Vintage Ports 2011

Should one rather buy Late Bottled Vintage Ports (LBV) from a very good year, taking into consideration that the best lots of the year are chosen for Vintage Port or should you prefer a year, where no or little Vintage Port is produced. 2011 answers this question. This year already did produce some of the finest Vintage Ports some years ago. After the regulatory 4-6 years the best year of LBV-Qualities hits the market.

Much depends on filtration when it comes down to LBV. The more you filter, the softer the Port is going to be. Sandeman and Noval almost bottled Vintage Port-Qualities. Last month at Noval I needed quite some time to decide whether I was served a Vintage Port with some age or the best LBV ever when it was given to me in a decanter. Get it while it’s hot as it will take some years to bottle these qualities again as Late Bottled Vintage Ports…