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(Port) Wine of the month September 2016: Alves de Sousa - Quinta da Gaivosa 2000

Whenever Alves de Sousa is mentioned amongst wine lovers, the focus automatically shifts to their Ikon-Wine Abandonado. The very first wine of the family however was from Quinta do Gaivosa back in the 1990s. Gaivosa does not try to rival Abandonado in power and complexity, but is a very delicate, balanced and fine wine with a lot of finesse. It is also much earlier approachable...

Quinta do Gaivosa 2000 is now on its absolute peak to drink. Fully transparent, dark-red colour. Elegant spicy bouquet with decent cedar-wood and some minty notes. Balanced fruity palate with herbs and spices. Nicely integrated wood , cherry and tobacco. Pleasant finish with medium length. 18